As you can see we have a new website. We were hoping that the membership information would be able to be moved over from the old site to the new one.   Unfortunately that was not possible. Members are going to have to re-apply. To do this please send me an email with the username you wish, your first and last name and your email and I will try and get you added as soon as possible. My email is on the front page.

Please note that this will not likely happen thus week as I have final exams June 18 – June 23. I have to focus on them this week. After that I will get you all added ASAP.

I will add rides to the front page so everyone can see what is upcoming. Keep an eye on it so you know what is happpening.

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There is going to be a ride on Sunday June 24 going to Edgewood. This will be a bring a bag lunch event. We will leave Salmon Arm, place and time to be determined, go to Vernon then Edgewood have lunch and come home. We will be leaving Vernon at 10 45.

Our members come from all walks of life, with different back grounds, different bikes, we know when to work and when to play, we show respect to others, and get respect back.

We are family people, your next door neighbor, your best friend. And we all have the conviction: “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything."

Though a chirpy bunch of riders, we do share information useful for bikers – it could be about any new safety gear, a new motorcycle being launched, how to carry luggage, how to select the right helmet, etc. Most of the information sharing happens one-on-one on the rides, through our forums or over social media.

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BC Lone Wolves regularly organises ride-outs suitable for all types of bikes and speeds. Our ride-outs range from short, local routes, to continental travel.
With nearly 178 members, we have a very social aspect to our club. We meet on various dates across numerous venues, and regularly host various parties and events for our members.
All members are entitled to huge discounts from our affiliates. It's worth becoming a member just to benefit from the discounts that Bikers Club members receive!

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Jun 11, 2018

Saturday June 16

A ride will take place on Saturday June 16 Meet at Tim Horton's Walmart. leaving there at 10. Going to Falkland via Yankee Flats. Likely lunch Kaml

Jun 11, 2018

KD’s Bday!

May 05, 2018

Cinco de Mayo

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