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** The time is fast approaching for the lady’s ride and the men’s ride. These are both happening on July 27 28 29. If you are interested you can call the resort and see if there are any rooms available. It is going to be at the 108 mile resort in 108 mile. This will be a time for the men to sit around tell tall tales, have a beer two, ride the area, play golf, the area is your playground. Call Erik at 250 804 5292 for further information.
For the women’s ride it will be similiar minus tall tales and golf. We are going to Okanogan Washington so we will need a passport. Contact Tracy regarding this ***

As you can see we have a new website. We were hoping that the membership information would be able to be moved over from the old site to the new one.   Unfortunately that was not possible. Members are going to have to re-apply. To do this please send me an email with the username you wish, your first and last name and your email and I will try and get you added as soon as possible. My email is on the front page.

There is going to be a ride on Saturday, July 7 going 5A to Merritt, Logan Lake, and back Lac Le Jeune Rd to Kamloops. Leaving Falkland at 10:00 and Kamloops PetroCan by Costco, 1125 Roger’s Way at 11:15.

Kick13 is organizing another Blood Run for Canadian Blood Services in Kelowna. He has the dates of July 7 or July 21. Both of these are a Saturday. Please contact him at if you can participate in either of these days.

Heather Reid