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2019 Mens ride

Good day Male wolves.. lol

Continuing with our annual “men’s ride” this year, planning and thinking of a ride south somewhere along Fraser Valley Area so our southern fella’s can decide if they would like to join up for an over-niter of BBQ and refreshments, old tales and new.

We usually do this Ride late “July” and anytime through “August” or,,,, when the ladies do their ride wherever.

This would be great if there is a place we could try our luck at river fishing and or gold panning. or just sitting back relaxing and shooting the pooh, (not the teady bear) I thought tenting would be good, but if I can find a location that would put up with our shenanigans we could do motel/ hotel.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Once we have a destination good for the north and south to congregate. Then it will be posted for time, place and routes. Then just a matter of everyone getting themselves booked in.

Hoping there will be a good turn out this year as it is a fun time for all. BYOB and byo-food. unless there a restaurant nearby then its everyone for them selves. if we BBQ then we can all pitch in and do something.

looking forward to seeing many reply’s here. cheers Ken/ Kenman. 🙂


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  1. Heather Reid February 6, 2019 at 9:09 am

    There is the motel just south of Hope. Forget what it is called but does have a restaurant there and I think it is an RV /Hotel. Rooms are old but they were clean when we were there and the price is good. It is about 3 km out of Hope on Flood Hope Rd.

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